Fiberglass Reinforcement Done Right!

Is your business in need of a little “reinforcement?”   Well if so then it’s time to give T.W. Hicks a call as we are the leader in fiberglass wall reinforcement!walls Fiberglass reinforced walls have been in wide commercial use since the 1960’s, and our walls and floors continue to provide a long term, durable, sanitary finish that meets the rugged performance needed throughout your workplace.   Fiberglass walls are installed directly over solid surfaces and provide a durable, scratch resistant and moisture controlled surface that is fortunately very easy to clean.  Typically you will find them throughout the commercial industry in places such as kitchens, hospital rooms, offices, classrooms, restrooms and other spaces.

The durable, non-porous surface of fiberglass walls has become widely popular due to its ability to produce a mold and stain resistant surface.  Below you will a list of other reasons why you should opt for fiberglass reinforced walls throughout your place of business. wall

  • Fiberglass reinforced walls and floors provide a strong scratch resistant surface
  • They can be cleaned easily using regular detergents, high pressure washers, or even by steam
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to install
  • Maximum sanitation protection
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • The panels can be installed over any existing wall surface
  • High impact resistance from shattering and scratches
  • Superior flexibility
  • Cost effective compared to other building materials

Call T.W. Hicks today to find out more, and let us show you how our fiberglass reinforced walls and floors will ensure that your workplace remains moisture-free and impact-resistant for many years to come!