T.W. Hicks - Protecting Your F&B

Urethane mortar concrete systems have stood the test of time in harsh environments throughout the food and beverage industry, and T.W. Hicks has a proven track record of providing our clients with the best systems around!image9 Our urethane mortar systems are seamless (unlike tile or diary brick), and have amazing thermal expansion properties that can handle the daily hot water washdowns your kitchen demands.  Unlike epoxy system that are brittle and breakdown over time, urethane mortar concrete systems have incredible durability as well as outstanding chemical and crack resistance.

Cracking at mortar joints is an inherent problem with brick and tile systems, but with urethane mortar concrete from T.W. Hicks, those issues are easily eliminated.  Cracks act as a hiding place for unwanted bacteria and microorganisms and provide an avenue for chemical and water intrusion.  Our systems are designed to be stress relieving during thermal expansion and contraction which serves as a major long term advantage when crack resistance and stability come into play.

Urethane mortar is a high performance polymer designed for the aggressive abuse that comes along with heavy duty food processing facilities.   Our systems give valuable advantages specific to the needs of your business, such as low odor, outstanding chemical resistance, enhanced resistance to impact and abuse, low moisture sensitivity and superb bonding strength.  The end finish can also be varied with many different types of grits to provide the proper anti-skid properties required to prevent slip and fall issues, and antimicrobials can be introduced into the mix to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the floors if needed.  image3

Whether you decide to install urethane mortar systems in your kitchen, behind the bar, or in the seating area of your restaurant, we have you covered and we guarantee complete satisfaction as well as a fast turnaround time.    Put your trust in T.W. Hicks and we promise to take care of the rest!