Watch Your Step!

As most of you probably already know, T.W. Hicks is known for “laying down” the most durable and aesthetically pleasing commercial floors in the state, but there are other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the correct flooring for your business, one of the most important being safety.slip Unfortunately, slips, trips and falls represent some of the highest types of workers' compensation claims for most industry companies in the U.S.  Around 11% of claim cases and 12% of claim costs related to low back pain are attributed to slips and falls according to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.  These unfortunate accidents are usually caused by factors such as wet spots, ice, grease, overly polished floors, loose flooring, uneven walking surfaces and general clutter around the workplace.

Flooring is a critical component of workplace safety, and slip and fall incidents will most likely occur when there are liquid contaminates laying around that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye.   Cleaning your commercial floors on a regular basis and making sure that the floors are completely dry before the workday begins is a good way to ensure that accidents don’t occur.   Another good preventative measure is to use absorbent floor mats in entrance ways, especially during inclement weather.     Display wet floor signs when necessary and if you must walk on a slippery or wet floor make sure that you are wearing proper footwear so you have better traction.   Take small, slow steps and use hand rails or other stable objects that you can hold onto while walking as well. Insurer-CNA-Releases-New-Techniques-to-Prevent-Slips-and-Falls-300x232

A little bit of housekeeping can greatly contribute to safety and the prevention of accidents while on the job.   Work areas should be kept free of obstacles such as power cords, telephone lines, obstructions across hallways and other types of clutter laying around.     

At T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas, Texas, we uphold all safety standards and help completely minimize the possibility of accidents in the workplace thanks to such innovative solutions as our industrial concrete floors and seamless and slip-resistant epoxy floors.

Be safe out there and feel free to call us for more information/questions or if you would like us to come out and perform a free estimate on your next commercial flooring project.