What is a Trowel Applied Mortar Flooring System?! A Breakdown by T.W. Hicks, Inc.

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We here at T.W. Hicks, Inc. pride ourselves on always being up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies in the industrial flooring world. This means always providing our superior advice and services to our clients whether we are starting from scratch, or literally helping fill in the cracks.

One of the services that we offer here at T.W. Hicks, Inc. is a trowel applied mortar flooring system. What is that, you might be asking?! Is that the flooring system for me?! Our short answer is maybe—it may be the right flooring for your unique situation. Today, we are here to take the confusing world of industrial flooring and make it make more sense—we are here to tell you about trowel applied mortar flooring!


Breaking Down Trowel Applied Mortar Flooring

We love this flooring system because we have found it works out perfectly for our clients’ needs—and it might be the perfect flooring for you! This flooring system is able to withstand a lot of abuse, while also having resistance against scuffs and scratches. Most frequently this would be used in a high-traffic area of flooring because of these added features. Along with this, it has amazing adhesion, outstanding chemical resistance, and is thermal shock resistant! Also, for most applications, no primer is necessary—what a win!

The best part about this flooring system is that it offers so much, but it breathes like concrete—which is amazing. You can repeatedly expose it to things such as steam, hot oil, or other chemicals and it will not pit or crack. If Superman was a flooring system, this would be it.


This flooring system could be the one for you—it works great as a food-grade flooring, or in manufacturing plants! Before we start your project, we will make sure we choose the right flooring system for you! Please contact us today so that we can get your flooring project started!

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