Our Updated Website!

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As a company that continuously prides itself on having the most up-to-date flooring systems for your industrial flooring needs, it was time for us to update our website! Our website contains pretty much the same information, but it is laid out in a more user-friendly way to help you navigate our website easier! And, it's super atheistically pleasing!!

Our home page!

Our home page!

Our Face Lift!

Like some flooring projects, you have a great foundation—but you need to fill in the cracks and issues that have worn down your flooring. We ran into a similar issue with our website. We had a great foundation (like our information, pictures of past jobs, and such), but we wanted to bring our website to life. We wanted to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, so we did just that!

So how did we do that?! Well, first when you click on our website (yes, do it now!!), you will see slow-motion videos of some of our jobs. Now, you can get an inside look at what we have done in the past—see just how professional we are with your own two eyes!

We also made our home page flow much better than it did in the past, which is great for you all to follow and navigate when looking through our website. We still have different tabs located at the upper right-hand corner for easily jumping to a page—if you know you want to contact us now, you can simply click the tab and it will take you to the necessary page!

We have also added more pictures of our amazing crew to our home page. Many of the pictures are of our crew working so, so hard on our projects that we have. None of these projects could be done without our amazing crew—and we mean it! All of our projects we have are home-runs because of these remarkable people!

Our amazing crew working on the Alamodome! 

Our amazing crew working on the Alamodome! 


Like a flooring project, sometimes all you need is a little face-lift! We take great pride in being the best, so we needed the best website to go with our company! 

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