A Look into Chemical Resistant Coating


At T.W. Hicks, Inc. we offer a lot of different and important flooring services—but it can be hard to understand what each of them means. Do you need it for your flooring? What is chemical resistant coating? Today, we are here to answer these important questions and more. We are here to give you the low-down on what chemical resistant coating is!


Chemical Resistant Coating

While chemical resistance is in the name, there is so much more to this coating. We use this coating frequently because it has so much to offer, thinks like: corrosion and abrasion resistance (so that your floor will last long!), it is highly durable, and it is super easy to clean up. All of these options could be perfect for your flooring project. However, it is important to contact us at T.W. Hicks, Inc. so that we can understand your flooring project and help you choose exactly what you need! If we think this coating is right for your project, we are more than happy to use it, but it is not always what fits the flooring project.

The nice thing about coatings is that it doesn’t have to cover the whole entire area, we can choose the area that this coating would make sense. A couple of places where this flooring coat would make sense are: chemical processing, technology, and waste water.  For chemical processing, this means tanks, hazardous waste, and more. We could see this in any of the industries we work in, especially since it is helpful with hazardous waste. For technology, this is important for keeping floorings clean and safe. With waste water, it is similar to chemical processing, but it is for where you have water tanks (which again, could be anywhere), or other places in which chemicals are stored and held (most frequently seen in our manufacturing clients).


Chemical Resistant Coating may be perfect for you and your project—and luckily for you, when you contact us at T.W. Hicks, Inc. we are able to find out what fits best into your flooring project! Contact us today!

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