The Sika Difference: Product Spotlight at KONE

Last year T.W. Hicks had the privilege of being selected as the Master Sikafloor Installer for a commercial flooring project at KONE in Allen, Texas. 

KONE, a leader in the escalator and elevator industry, didn’t need just one type of flooring in its new facility – but 3 – each with its own distinctive characteristics that required different industrial flooring in each area. T.W. Hicks was able to carefully select the following Sika products to meet the needs within the KONE facility:


Area #1: Electronics Assembly Area

Flooring Selected: Sikafloor ESD Control Flooring System

Static control was of the highest priority when selecting an industrial flooring solution for the electronics assembly area, so Sikafloor ESD Control Flooring System was a no brainer. First, the floor was blasted, pre-treated for cracks, joints repaired, and mechanically scrubbed. Next, T.W. Hicks used the Sika Primer 1610 with moisture barrier. Once cured, it was time to lightly sand and add the ESD coating. And bonus: when using this type of flooring, Sika will do a free annual test for the first 5 years to make sure the ESD is still active.


Area #2: General Warehouse

Flooring Selected: Sikafloor Morritex Coating System

In the warehouse, slip resistance, ease of cleaning, and low reflectivity were the highest priorities, so Sika’s Morritex Coating System was the perfect choice for this installation. This area of the warehouse also had 11,000 ft. of control joints that required routing, cleaning, priming, and coating. Products used included Sikafloor 1610 Moisture Tolerant Primer, Sikafloor 264 Prepigmented Epoxy, and Sikafloor 315 Abrasion Resistant Aliphatic Urethane. 


Area #3: Light Manufacturing

Flooring Selected: Sikafloor EpoRok Epoxy Mortar System

As you can imagine from an elevator and escalator installer, many of the parts and pieces that are put together in the manufacturing area are large – and heavy. Many times, large boxes of tools as big as truck beds are put together, so the ability to transport those in and out without damaging the floor was very important. The EpoRok Epoxy Mortar System is built for abuse and strength in these types of situations where durability is key, and the client has reported high praise for this flooring in action as it’s withstanding the daily pressures nicely.


T.W. Hicks was pleased to partner with Sika in yet another successful industrial flooring installation in Texas! You can read the full case study on this installation here.


Ready to install flooring in a facility that needs different types of flooring throughout? Let T.W. Hicks select flooring for you based on your individual needs!