Flooring 101: Why You Never Leave Concrete Floors Unsealed

At T.W. Hicks Inc., we get this question a lot: “Why do I need a commercial floor coating? I just want to leave my concrete floors as-is.” 

It seems reasonable enough, but unfortunately, unsealed concrete flooring can wreck havoc on your facility, manufacturing, and even the health of employees. Here’s why we recommend epoxy floor coating for all warehouses, manufacturing facilities, locker rooms, airplane hangars, and more:

Concrete Dust

It’s called concrete dusting and it’s a very real thing. When you leave your concrete warehouse floors unsealed, the concrete will produce flecks of concrete dust that can coat machinery, create a dirty work environment, wreck havoc on manufacturing, and even cause health issues. It’s simply unavoidable and a very real issue unless you seal the floors.

Floor Coating: Why It Works

Epoxy floor coating works because it creates a barrier between the concrete floor and the environment, preventing concrete dusting before it ever starts. Commercial epoxy floors are seamless and can be customized to your specific facility needs, not to mention they create a moisture barrier that creates a long-lasting flooring solution. 

Need your floor to withstand heavy machinery? Epoxy floor coating is strong and can take the abuse.

Need to prevent slipping? Concrete can’t do that, but the right epoxy flooring solution can be created with slip resistance.

Need to create distinguished areas within the facility? Epoxy floor coating can be installed in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to customize and color code walkways, delivery areas, and so much more. Decorative epoxy flooring is the perfect way to make your mark.

Prevention is Key

Don’t let concrete dusting create issues within your warehouse or manufacturing facility! Choose the best epoxy flooring in Texas from T.W. Hicks Inc., based out of Lake Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.

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