Q&A: Does Epoxy Flooring Smell?

When installing any commercial flooring system within your warehouse, manufacturing facility, restaurant, etc., it’s important to know the environmental impacts of that flooring. A common question we get at T.W. Hicks Inc. is whether or not epoxy flooring smells. Read on to find out more – 

Think of epoxy flooring like a paint project. Sure, when you are in the process of doing the project, the paint may give off some fumes. Well, the same is true for epoxy flooring solutions in Texas.  

How Much Smell Can I Expect from my Epoxy Floors?

 Depending on the type of epoxy floor covering used, the fumes may be at different levels during the installation process. T.W. Hicks has a range of brand and products available, each with different levels of VOCs. The amount of VOCs in the product determines how strong the floor’s odor can be. Our technicians are expects at their craft and take great care in minimizing any fumes within the facility during the installation process.

How Long Will the Epoxy Flooring Smell Last?

Rest assured, by the time the project is complete and the floor is completely cured, the fumes are gone. A fully cured floor – which takes 1-2 weeks – will not emit any scents and is perfect for a wide range of facilities – including laboratories, food-manufacturing plants, and other types of industrial buildings where fumes would be a concern. 

Want Low-VOC Epoxy Flooring?

 If you are concerned about VOC levels in your facility, T.W. Hicks can recommend products that are specifically rated low-VOC, minimizing any affects on the environment or those within your facility. 

Ready to install epoxy flooring solutions in Texas? Call the experts at T.W. Hicks Inc. for a consultation today! While our headquarters is in Lake Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, we proudly serve Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, and beyond. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and can recommend products from Sika, Tenemec, Flowcrete, BASF, Tennant, and more.

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