Need New Commercial Flooring? 4 Ways to Know What Type You Need.

When exploring commercial flooring in Texas, it can be difficult to determine what type is right for your space. Whether it’s restaurant flooring, airplane hangar flooring, locker room flooring, or any other type of industrial flooring, you need to know where to start.


T.W. Hicks Inc. is an industry leader in commercial flooring solutions and we recommend that you start by assessing your needs in the following areas:


Wear & Tear

All industrial floors will receive wear and tear over the years of use, but developing the right flooring type will minimize the effect. One of the largest considerations is whether or not your floor will have a lot of vehicle traffic on it – and if so – are those steel wheels or rubber wheels? If the answer is steel wheels, your industrial flooring will need additional treatment.



Not only is the amount of traffic and type of traffic important, but the weight matters too. If heavy loads are coming through on a regular basis, your industrial flooring system will need to be able to withstand that impact.

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Temperature Fluctuations

Certain flooring conditions require coating systems that can withstand thermal expansion if the temperature fluctuates too much. A perfect example of this is floors that need steam cleaning on a regular basis.  A leading commercial flooring company will know which flooring can take the thermal shock in stride.



Chemicals can take a toll on the chosen flooring system, so make sure it is chemical resistant – particularly if those chemicals will come in contact with the floors on a regular basis.


Ready to talk through which commercial flooring system is right for your space? T.W. Hicks is the leading industrial flooring company serving Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma and we’d love to help you find the solution to fit your needs.