What to Look for in Food-Grade Flooring – T.W. Hicks Inc.

While flooring is important in most industries, food industry flooring takes the cake. In order to meet health standards, a durable, long-lasting floor is a must.


But how do you know you’ve picked a good food-grade flooring option?


T.W. Hicks Inc. – the leading provider of food-grade flooring in Texas – offers you these helpful hints on what to look for when selecting food-grade flooring for your facility:


1.   Ease of Cleaning: Food-grade flooring must be easy to wipe down – or rather hose down! Vinyl flooring can peel, leaving a breeding ground for mold and bacteria underneath. Not so with food-grade epoxy flooring. Epoxy withstands high temperature washes, chemicals, animal fats, sugars, and acids that might be spilled.

2.   Slip Resistant: Whether it’s a restaurant kitchen or a processing facility, chances are the floors will get wet. Protect your employees with slip resistant food-grade epoxy flooring, created with numerous texture options to create traction. Safety is of utmost concern when installing flooring, and slip resistant epoxy is tested for safety and meets all federal guidelines.

3.   Seamless Installation: As we said earlier, vinyl and grout can’t hold a candle to food-grade epoxy flooring. Epoxy can provide a seamless installation, meaning water goes where it’s supposed to – into drains! – and stays out of cracks and crevices that can breakdown the flooring or harbor mold and bacteria.

4.   Anti-Microbial: Food-grade flooring must be anti-microbial, and few floors can make that claim. Epoxy flooring creates a coating on your existing concrete and can be treated with anti-microbial agents to make keeping your facility clean even easier.


Ready to explore food-grade flooring in Texas? With over 20 years of flooring experience, T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas, Texas can answer any questions you have about food industry floors – including food-grade epoxy floors – and can recommend a floor that is right for your facility. Call us today to set up a consultation! 

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