10 Ways to Get Your Warehouse Ready for the Summer Heat

Memorial Day Weekend is this weekend, and we all know what that means: summer is here!

Summers in Texas can be brutal, but there are ways to keep your warehouse cool, even during those blistering days of summer. Follow these 10 tips for getting your warehouse ready for the summer heat, brought to you by the Texas warehouse flooring experts, T.W. Hicks Inc!


1.   Portable Fans or Air Conditioners: Cooling an entire warehouse isn’t cheap, so consider purchasing portable fans or air conditioners that focus on the high traffic areas where you need them the most. Cooling the areas that need it, and not the ones that don’t, can be both cost effective and efficient.


2.   Dehumidifiers: Especially in South Texas, the humidity can be brutal! That humidity only makes a hot summer day feel even hotter. Installing dehumidifiers throughout the warehouse can take the moisture out of the air and instantly make it feel cooler.


3.   Vinyl Curtains: Never underestimate the efficiency of vinyl strip curtains at keeping the hot air and cool air separated in different parts of the warehouse!


4.   Ceiling Fans: Install high speed/low volume fans throughout your warehouse space to keep the air moving. You’ll be surprised how much this helps over large square footage spaces!


5.   Roll-Up Dock Screen Doors: While this doesn’t do much for temperature, it is extremely helpful in keeping bugs and other critters out of the warehouse during hot summer months!

summer warehouse tips tw hicks inc.


6.   Efficient Machinery: Hot machinery in your warehouse can quickly raise the overall temperature, making the space even more sweltering. Take measures to keep machinery, conveyor belts, etc. running efficiently and keep the temperatures down.


7.   Insulation: Insulating the warehouse ceiling and walls can create huge energy savings!


8.   Door Seals: When doors are not in use, keep them well sealed so that warm air stays out and cold air stays in.


9.   Cool Roof: While expensive, a cool roof can do wonders for energy costs and keeping your warehouse cooler. Consider these when replacing your warehouse roof.


10.   Emergency Preparations: Always have the proper medical and first-aid equipment on hand in case of a heated related incident in your warehouse.


T.W. Hicks Inc. – the industrial flooring specialists in Lake Dallas, Texas – wishes you a cool summer and a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!