The Hazards of Concrete Warehouse Flooring - T.W. Hicks

With everything that goes into building a new warehouse facility, the last thing on your mind may be the flooring. You may ask yourself, “What’s the matter with a plain, unfinished concrete slab?”


While a concrete slab may not look bad, at T.W. Hicks, we’ve found it can cause issues with functionality and operations within the facility due to a little phenomenon called concrete dusting.


What is Concrete Dusting?

 “Concrete dusting” is the term used to describe the tendency for dust to accumulate on concrete flooring. This dust not only accumulates on the floor, but can also settle on equipment, materials, and products stored in the facility.


What Harm is there in Concrete Dusting?

 Concrete dusting may not immediately seem concerning, but the side effects can be detrimental to your warehouse operations:


1.    Concrete dusting creates an unclean environment.

 While your facility may not be dirty, concrete dusting can make everything appear dirty and dingy. This reflects poorly on your facility and the business as a whole.


2.   Concrete dusting can damage goods.

 Not only can concrete dusting make things appear dirty, but it can actually damage equipment and stored products. These damages can be costly and are completely unnecessary given the warehouse flooring solutions on the market today.


3.   Concrete dusting can present a hazard to employees.

In extreme cases, employees may suffer health issues due to inhaling concrete dust. These presents an unwanted liability for your growing business.


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