Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for your Industrial Space?

If you’re building a new warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any industrial building with increased foot traffic, you might be scratching your head as to what type of flooring to install.


T.W. Hicks – an industry leader in commercial flooring solutions based out of Denton, Texas – can help you understand the types of flooring available and what is best for your industrial space. Time and time again, we recommend epoxy flooring and here’s why:


·      Durable: When dealing with industrial spaces, your top priority is durability. Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution because it turns basic concrete floors into highly durable, seamless floors that can withstand anything you throw at them.

·      Long-lasting: Not only are epoxy flooring solutions durable, but that durability translates into a floor that will stand the test of time, giving you years and years of use.

·      Easy to Clean: Cleaning epoxy flooring is a breeze! Simply use one of our methods outlined here, or get a personalized recommendation from our epoxy flooring experts at T.W. Hicks, Inc. And bonus – the seamless finish doesn’t allow any dirt or grime to get caught in unslightly flooring cracks.

·      Created with Safety in Mind: We know how much our customers value the safety of their employees. Epoxy floors are one of the safest floors for manufacturing facilities, airplane hangars, warehouses, and more because they are impact, slip, heat, and fire resistant.

·      Versatile: Who says flooring must be boring?! Epoxy floor installation comes in high gloss or matte, with a plethora of styles and colors to choose from. Create a custom design or go with a solid color – the choice is yours!

·      Resists Chemicals: Epoxy floors are chemical resistant, so there is no need to worry about installing them in plants, pharmaceutical facilities, or anywhere chemicals might be involved.

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Considering epoxy floors for your industrial space? Call T.W. Hicks today! T.W. Hicks is based out of the Dallas area, but services all of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and beyond. We are experts in seamless epoxy floors, decorative epoxy floors, and more. Let us exceed your expectations.