Industry News: New LEED Standards Effective this Month

Effective November 1, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) standards for LEED certification have become more rigorous, as version 4 of the LEED standards has gone into effect for all new building projects.


The goal of the LEED standards is to create a world that is healthier and cleaner for us all through more sustainable building practices. Version 4 of the LEED updates is quite the step up from the previous versions, as USGBC CEO Rick Fedrizzi describes the changes as “a quantum leap for LEED.”


So how do these new standards affect industrial flooring solutions?


If a building is working to gain LEED certification, each aspect of the building is evaluated for sustainability. Any products used that meet the standards – industrial coatings, flooring solutions, etc. – will earn credits toward a LEED certification.


In order for industrial flooring solutions in Texas to earn LEED credits, they must fall under the low-emissions standards for Indoor Environmental Quality and must be within the VOC limits set forth by the California Air Resources Board. The end goal is to reduce – if not eliminate – volatile compounds in the air that can be hazardous to the health and well being of anyone using building.


Looking for LEED certified flooring solutions in Texas?


T.W. Hicks is on top of these changes to LEED standards and so are the manufacturers of the brands we carry! LEED certification will continue to be an important component to the building process when building warehouses, schools, manufacturing plants, and other facilities, and T.W. Hicks will work with you to ensure the products used meet standards and earn LEED credits. Tnemec, Dur-A-Flex, Sika, and Tennant are just a few of our manufacturers with LEED certified products, perfect for your next product.


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