PAWS! How T.W. Hicks, Inc. is Helping Animal Shelters throughout Texas

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More and more people are adopting animals that are in need of homes—the “adopt, don’t shop” idea has stuck around with many people when they look adding a new pet to the family. In past years, facilities have been gross, where you might not even want to adopt a pet because you wouldn’t want to go visit these rescue centers. This is not the case anymore, and T.W. Hicks, Inc. is helping create a better environment for these animals. 

How We Help!

At T.W. Hicks, Inc., we have been part of this movement by providing amazing flooring for these animals. To date, at T.W. Hicks we have installed over 50,000 square feet of epoxy flooring in adoption and rescue centers all over Texas. We feel as though the flooring we have provided for these animals to call home is one step toward each and every animal getting a better life. We can do this by pairing up with Quorum Architects to create a flooring system that would be able to withstand the needs of each rescue—we needed something that would hold up from the wear and tear of dogs’ and cats’ nails, and needed wash-downs for the accidents that may occur!

Where We Help!

Below we have a list of just some of the facilities that we have been involved with—all of which are state of the art. Our epoxy floors have been able to add to the livelihood of so many animals waiting for their forever home, and we could not be more excited about that!

Again, this is a condensed list of the shelters we have worked with—and we look forward to working with even more in the future!

  • Hood County Animal Shelter
  • Bridgeport Animal Shelter
  • North Richland Hills Animal Shelter
  • Canine Companions
  • All Dogs Unleashed
  • Seguin Animal Shelter
  • Chuck Silcox Animal Shelter
  • Fredericksburg Animal Shelter
  • Patriot Paws Animal Shelter
  • Mont Belview Animal Shelter
  • Austin Animal Shelter
  • Deer Park Animal Shelter
  • Prairie Paws Animal Shelter
Austin Animal Shelter

Austin Animal Shelter

If you are interested in the type of floor systems we are installing in these awesome facilities, please reach out so that we may provide you with even more information or past jobs!  You can also find out more about T.W. Hicks, Inc by visiting our website!


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