Food-Grade Flooring— A Breakdown

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When it comes to industrial flooring experts, look no further than T.W. Hicks, Inc.! We not only deliver amazing services to all of our customers by understanding their wants and needs, but we also make sure that we are up-to-date with all protocols depending on your unique situation. One of our services includes helping you pick the right flooring for a food and beverage company. Today, we are going to dissect the flooring that is put in for our food and beverage industry clients! In an earlier post, we talked about what you should look for in food-grade flooring, but today we are here to speak more on why there is special flooring for the food and beverage industry, and what it does for you! If you are looking for the right flooring to put into your food and/or beverage company’s space—please do not hesitate to contact us!

Food and Beverage Flooring

The most important part of your flooring journey is making sure we pick the right flooring for your unique situation! When it comes to food and beverage companies, it is important to make sure what flooring is put in is USDA approved—your flooring is an important part of the process of making your space both clean and functional. With a past client who had a warehouse with the incorrect flooring, we replaced 22,000 square-feet of the existing flooring (epoxy mortar system), and we applied a urethane modified overlay system (USDA approved; pictured below)!

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Flooring terminology can be really confusing if you are not well-versed in what all the tricky terms mean, so we think it is important to tell you why the urethane modified overlay system is perfect for the food and beverage industry.

Urethane Modified Overlay System

Many things in the food and beverage industry is important—and one of the most important is the cleanliness of your facility. By choosing a urethane modified overlay system, it offers a lot to be perfect in the food and beverage industry—so it makes sense that the USDA has approved it! When choosing this flooring system, it offers:

1)    A higher tolerance to moisture levels

2)    A greater tolerance to differences in temperatures

3)    Thermal shock resistance

4)    Both higher and lower operating temperature performances

5)    Helps resist both bacteria and bacterial growth

6)    Withstands chemicals

7)    Slip resistant

8)    Great drainage

Although we do not recommend ever eating off the floor—if you’re going to do it, this would be your best choice! This flooring is the best option for the food and beverage industry, but it could also be the perfect flooring for your project! So, please feel free to reach out to us at T.W. Hicks, Inc. for your unique flooring job—we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have!  

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