What is Scarifying? A Look into One of TW Hicks Services

As a flooring company, we not only want to provide the best flooring for your situation—but we want you to be happy with your flooring as soon as we are finished! One of our preparation services, called scarifying, is an important is seen as an older process for concrete flooring, but very helpful to prepare your flooring for more work! Although we are the flooring experts and know our services like the back of our hands, we want our customers (both old and new) to better understand why we do what we do and the importance behind each step of the process!



Scarifying is used primarily with concrete flooring. And although scarifying is seen as an ‘older’ method used to level a floor, it can be perfect for your project’s needs! Through this process, the end goal is to prepare a floor for further treatment—it is sort of a beginning stage.


How is this Done?


As you can see from the picture, it gives the concrete nice lines throughout it! We use a large floor machine that helps get the job done (seen in the picture above, to the left). It works by rotating and cutting at a very high speed that essentially rips the surface apart. It sounds scarier than it is, and thankfully here at TW Hicks we know how to handle and work with this machine to get the job done perfectly!


What to Keep in Mind

This process can be both loud and can produce a lot of dust! If you and your business need or want to stay open throughout the flooring process, we may suggest a different process. Again, we are here to help you throughout the journey of flooring and will continue to highlight and further explain the different services we offer! If you ever have questions before, during, or after flooring do not be scare to ask us any and all questions—we are here to help you!  

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