Northpark Subaru

T.W. Hicks is delighted to highlight another excellent project our awesome team recently completed. The project was done for North Park Subaru located at 9631 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78216. We used a thin film 3 coat epoxy/urethane flooring system manufactured by Sherwin-Williams/General Polymer.


T.W. Hicks, Inc. was hired direct by North Park Subaru to prepare and install a new flooring system for their new Subaru service shop.  This facility was a new construction project and very large.  The new service shop consisted of 13,180 square feet.  We were excited to get started on this project!

Floor Preparation

To start, the great team of TW Hicks began the job by mechanically preparing the new concrete. We accomplished this by using an electric shot blast machine to abrade the surface of the concrete for adhesion.  This process also exposed all hairline cracks in the new concrete that had to be repaired prior to installing any of the coatings.


 Floor Installation

Following the preparation and patching of the concrete substrate, our team began to prime. We applied a prime coat of 100% solids epoxy at a rate of 135 square feet per gallon. After the prime coat fully cured we then applied the topcoat of high solids polyurethane at 400 square feet per gallon


 The only challenges we faced on this project were the number of other trades trying to finish up their work on this project.  Unfortunately, we take up a large area at one time and have to keep all the other trades out of the area while we are preparing and installing the new floor. 


Ultimately, working respectfully and efficiently, T.W. Hicks, Inc. was able to provide a chemical resistant, high wear, light reflective, UV stable flooring solution for Northpark Subaru that their mechanics can be proud of for many years to come!