Don Mashburn Inc.

T.W. Hicks is pleased to share another recent project we completed. The project was completed for Don Mashburn Inc., located at 331 North Bernard Road, Broussard, LA 70518.


T.W. Hicks, Inc. was hired direct by Don Mashburn Inc. to prepare and install the new Tennant flooring system in the main aisle ways of their the machine shop.  The aisle ways in this machine shop receive a lot of very heavy forklift traffic carrying large bulky loads.  The customer wanted to make sure the aisles were safe, smooth and tough enough to handle years of abuse.  They also wanted the aisles to make a statement to their customers!  Calling on TW Hicks to deliver this project was the right choice!

Floor Preparation

To start, the great team of TW Hicks began the job by mechanically preparing the concrete slab. This was done by using a self-contained shot blaster with HEPA vacuum attached to provide the proper profile (CSP 4-5) for good adhesion of the new coating system. For the perimeters, we used handheld grinders with HEPA vacuum attachments. The team then keyed in all termination points in the area receiving the overlay system (saw cut ¼” deep and chase back ½”). Keying in termination points is done in order to allow a smooth transition for tow wheel and foot traffic.


Floor Installation

Following the floor preparation, our team moved on to primer.  Our crew primed the concrete slab using Urethane Cementitious Coating at 150 square feet per kit. When applying this scratch coat, it results in reducing outgassing when installing the overlay mortar. In addition, all cracks were pre-filled using the Urethane Cementitious Coating with spatulas and squeegees in order to push the material into the cracks flush with the concrete.  After priming, we moved on to the application of Tennant’s SF Urethane Slurry Overlay at 3/16” in thickness followed by spike rolling smooth.  Next we prepared new the overlay by washing/scrubbing followed by thoroughly sanding, vacuuming, and tack wipe cleaning.  We then re-saw cut the joints and filled them with polyurea joint sealant flush with the new overlay mortar. Our team then applied Tennant’s MPE Multi-Purpose Epoxy (standard color) at 200 square feet per gallon (8-mils). Once cured, we lightly sanded and applied Tennant’s HTS High Traffic System (standard color) at 500-550 square feet per gallon (3.2 mils). This coat has finely grounded aluminum oxide which increases the abrasion resistance while providing a matte finish for easy cleaning and maintaining. This topcoat is also UV stable and will not amber over time, maintaining its original color.  Finally, we taped off and applied 4” wide safety yellow line stripes on the perimeters and in designated areas (replacing the existing stripes).


 Our team faced the challenge of working on a project in a shop that could never close up. This resulted in this project consisting of two phases.  The facility was in full operation while we were working on the aisles.  This created obstacles for both the owner’s employees and ours, including redirecting their normal flow of moving parts and equipment thru the facility. 

In the end, T.W. Hicks, Inc. provided a safe, chemical resistant, high wearing, UV stable flooring solution for Don Mashburn Inc. that they can be proud of for many years!