UTSA Physical Education Building

T.W. Hicks has been very busy these past few months working on a bunch of awesome projects! We will be sharing those with you over the next few weeks.  Let’s start with the great to share project we recently completed for the UTSA Physical Education Building in San Antonio, Texas . The space consisted of 3,731 square feet, plus 674 linear feet of 4” integral epoxy cove base.


T.W. Hicks, Inc. was hired direct by UTSA to remove an existing VCT (vinyl composite tile) floor and replace it with Sika’s Sikafloor DecoFlake Flooring System.  UTSA hired an interior design firm to help design a floor system that would show off the school colors, provide a safe walking surface, and hold up to the constant foot traffic from all the students.  The DecoFlake Flooring System  checked all of the boxes that the designer was wanting.  Sika was also able to provide the design team with an endless color selection to choose from when it got down to designing a custom colored DecoFlake floor!  Just look at how precise we were able to get when custom blending a DecoFlake Floor System:

This awesome custom blending consists of C1820-White 80%, C1130-Dark Blue 10%, and C2160-Orange 10% for the Main Field; C1130-Dark Blue 90% and C2160-Orange 10% for the Blue Accent Band; and C2160-Orange 90% and C1130-Dark Blue 10% for the Orange Accent Band. It really turned out beautiful!

Floor Preparation

Our team at TW Hicks team began by mechanically preparing the concrete slab. This was done by using a self-contained shot blaster with HEPA vacuum attached to provide the proper profile (CSP 4-5) for good adhesion of the new coating system. We also used handheld grinders with HEPA vacuum attachments along the perimeters. The team then keyed in all termination points in the area receiving the overlay system (saw cut ¼” deep and chase back ½”). This was done to allow a smooth transition for tow wheel and foot traffic. We then installed cove strips at 4” high on the wall as a termination for the integral epoxy cove. A hand trowel was used to apply the 4” high integral epoxy cove base.


Floor Installation

After the floor was fully prepared to receive the new flooring solution, our team began with step one: primer.  Our crew primed the concrete slab using Sikafloor-161 at 8 wet mils. Then after the primer was complete, our team applied the receiver coat using Sikafloor-264 pigmented at 10 wet mils and immediately broadcast with Sika’s decorative vinyl flake at a rate of 0.15 lbs/sq.ft. Next came the application of the topcoat of Sikafloor-217 at 10 wet mils. Last was the applying the finish coat of Sikafloor-340 clear at 4 wet mils.

As you can see from the pictures, the end result awesome! As with any project, there were challenges along the way. For this flooring, we only had to deal with was that the Physical Education Building is located at the heart of the campus and receives a lot of student traffic in and out of the area.  Everyone at the University worked closely with us to divert any traffic and keep students from trampling us while we worked to complete the installation. 


The final result was a safe and beautiful custom DecoFlake Flooring System that shows off the school colors!