Select Milk


T.W. Hicks is delighted to share another amazing project our awesome team recently completed! The project was done for the Select Milk plant located in Littlefield, Texas.


For this project, our team used the Sikafloor® PurCem polyurethane cement flooring system and it turned out spectacular. Sikafloor ®PurCem is a heavy duty performance flooring system that easily meets FDA Food Code 2009 specifying food establishments must have floors that are “smooth, durable, and easily cleanable,” providing compliance with new FSMA rules.

T.W. Hicks was hired direct by Select Milk to prepare and install a new flooring system for the production area of their new state-of-the-art dairy processing facility. This facility will process over four million pounds of milk per day, producing dry milk powders, condensed milk, cream and butter. As stated by Steven Cooper, president/general manger of diary manufacturing operations at Continental Diary (Select Milk’s partner), “For this new production facility we wanted a floor that would be durable and low maintenance, hold up to the chemicals used in our production, be sanitary, and be safe for food handling and for our employees. We also wanted a floor that looks nice, since we have many international customers that will be visiting our new facility.” Calling on T.W. Hicks for this project was the right choice!

Floor Preparation

Before the installation of the 130,000 square-foot production floor began our team began by preparing the substrate. Doing this meant accommodating a fiber-reinforced concrete we hadn’t anticipated. Our team had to use a PurCem scratch coat as a primer before we put down the negotiated floor system.

Floor Installation

After the primer was dry, we then applied Sikafloor® 22NA PurCem, and broadcast with Sikafloor® Aggregate-508 to rejection. The next steps in the floor installation process were to trowel apply the PurCem 29NA cove base material followed by the Sikafloor® 510 N LPL Polysaspartic top coat in gray beige. This which will provide them with excellent chemical resistance while producing a superior aesthetic finish. Our team had a lot of delays due to construction issues, but fortunately for both parties, PurCem is very user friendly, so our team was able to do large areas at a time. We were very happy that Sika Flooring was able to provide the materials of their fantastic product in totes which expedited the mixing process.


Happy Customer

We were thrilled to get such a great feedback from Select Milk. As Mr. Cooper pointed out, Select Milk’s facility had pretty long hallways, “which usually makes it easy to spot imperfections in the floor. But there are NO imperfections with this product. T.W. Hicks did a great job.” In fact, Select Milk was so pleased with the floor installation that they have asked T.W. Hicks to install another PurCem floor in their expanding butter production area. “I’m very glad that we went with the PurCem floor on this facility,” Cooper said. “The floors came out beautiful and are very durable.”

We can’t wait to start on their next project!

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