3 Reasons Polished Concrete May be Right for Your Airplane Hangar Flooring

T.W. Hicks Inc. – based out of Lake Dallas, Texas – specializes in all types of industrial flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring, MMA Fast Floor Systems, trowel applied mortar floor systems, and of course, polished concrete.

Airplane hangar flooring systems are a difficult beast because they receive a lot of traffic – and heavy traffic at that. While we frequently recommend epoxy flooring solutions for airplane hangars, here are 3 reasons why polished concrete may also be the right fit for your new airplane hangar flooring:

1.   Durable

Now durability is not something that can be said of all concrete floors, but when prepared and installed properly, a polished concrete floor can be highly durable and abrasion resistant – two things that are critical to high traffic airplane hangars. In order for it to meet those high durability standards, the technique used for polishing the concrete must be such that it affects the microscopic level of the concrete. Only trust the installation to a leading industrial flooring installer in Dallas, such as T.W. Hicks Inc.

2.   Appearance

A floor without wear, tear, and abrasions is an attractive floor. Somehow it just feels cleaner. One of the perks of properly installed polished concrete floors in airplane hangars is that it is shiny and reflective, giving the appearance of cleanliness at all times. 

3.   Low Maintenance

When properly cared for, polished concrete floors need relatively low maintenance when cleaning. Most polished concrete airplane hangar floors simply require a daily sweep with an autoscrubber, and then a yearly reapplication of sealant to block out water, grease, and oil spills that can affect the life and beauty of the polished concrete floors.


If you are interested in polished concrete airplane hangar floors, then give T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas, Texas a call today! We’d love to talk through which industrial flooring system is right for you and your project. 

Terrence GordonComment