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Many don’t put much thought into their flooring until it truly affects their business.

In businesses where sanitation and food safety are of utmost importance – think food processing facilities or pharmaceuticals – the flooring solution is crucial to the end product.

At T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas, Texas and San Antonio, Texas, we always recommend seamless epoxy flooring in these situations because it is well suited to endure when safety is of highest concern. Here are 4 benefits of seamless epoxy flooring to consider when choosing flooring for your facility:

Extremely Hygienic

When you are applying one large, smooth, fluid flooring system, there is no opportunity for bacteria and microbes to hide. The same cannot be said for tile, vinyl flooring, or even plain concrete, as spills, bacteria, direct, and such can seep into the crack and crevices and make a happy little home. We can even use a seamless epoxy floor coating that is treated with antimicrobial properties specifically, giving you an extra layer of defense.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Durability is one of the biggest factors here. As the floor will last longer, the costs for replacement diminish. And even as the life of the floor comes to an end, there are options to just coat over it vs. ripping it out and starting over from scratch. Lastly, seamless epoxy doesn’t require any buffing, waxing, or heavy maintenance, saving you money and time there as well.


As we said earlier, seamless epoxy flooring is extremely durable and can withstand heavy machinery, foot traffic, and more. Also, because it is one solid surface, weight distributes evenly over the surface, preventing weak spots. 

Quick Installation

Seamless epoxy floors can be put in much more quickly than other flooring solutions, equally less time that your facility is out of commission. 


Think seamless epoxy floors may be right for your facility? Call T.W. Hicks Inc. today to get the conversation started. 

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