Using Decorative Epoxy for Your Restaurant Floors

Restaurant Floors

T.W. Hicks, Inc. leads the industry in flooring quality, durability and design.  One of our many specialties includes decorative epoxy flooring.  Decorative flooring can be used in a variety of places, but we know that flooring is a critical part of the restaurant business.  With new customers coming through your doors daily, you want to be sure they are pleased with what they see… from head to toe!   Speaking of toes, this is right where T.W. Hicks can help you out.  We want to ensure that your restaurant floors are raved about as much as your menu.

We believe there are many pros to having decorative epoxy restaurant floors.  To begin with, they are easy to maintain.  You can use a neutral cleaning agent to mop the floor clean as needed.  Your floors will only need to be waxed or sealed every 6-9 months depending on the amount of foot traffic they see, in order to maintain the protective layer over the surface.

Secondly, they are long lasting.  A well done, sealed and properly maintained floor can last indefinitely. Even restaurant floors can survive under high traffic conditions for many years. This prevents the hassle of having to get new flooring installed periodically, as well as keeps money in your pocket.

Finally, when most people think of concrete floors they think of cold, gray utilitarian surfaces with bumpy textures.  However, with decorative epoxy flooring, we can achieve an endless variety of color and texture effects.  The finishing touch that will bring a decorative flair to your restaurant floors.  T.W. Hicks, Inc. can help you with all of your flooring needs.   Contact us at: Toll Free: (866) 841-3484   
Local: (940) 498-3444 or find more information at