T.W. Hicks - Branching Out!

San_Antonio_Skyline_Evening All of us here at T.W. Hicks are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new San Antonio location!

You heard right!   With the growth of the market and the industry, we are extremely proud to publicize our expansion to the San Antonio market to better service our customers and expand our customer base.

“2014 is a very exciting year for us,” says Tim Hicks, President. “San Antonio has always been a welcoming city in regards to our services, and with the current and future growth of the city, we are proud of our new location to better service existing and potential customers in the Southern part of the State.”

Our current San Antonio clientele include top brands such as Valero, HEB, Hill Country Bakery, Zachry, Fresh From Texas and Maruchan as well as many others.  “Our relationships with these big Texas brands are strong, but we feel it’s best to make ourselves known as a local business and contributor to the local community,” says Hicks.matt

San Antonio, along with many cities in Texas, has weathered the economic storms of recent years, and is poised to continue their growth for the foreseeable future.  Specific to San Antonio are:

  •    Home to one of the largest medical facilities in        the nation
  •    The largest oil and gas development in the world
  •    Strong military operations
  •    Ranked 9th in Nationwide job growth for the past    5 years


Feel free to contact Matt Miller for any South Texas business opportunities.  His office covers as far north as Austin, into the valley and as far east as Houston.  Matt has been training with our crews for the past 8 months and is an important asset to our company.

We look forward to serving San Antonio and all of the surrounding cities as a local contractor, and to continue our efforts to provide high volume resinous flooring systems to some of the largest corporations in Texas!