Project Spotlight: Sika Flooring at Lone Star Dairy - Canyon, Texas

T.W. Hicks is proud to offer a variety of floor options to suit your commercial and industrial flooring needs! We carry all the major brands including Sika, Flowcrete, BASF, Tnemec, Tennant, and more – and our team is trained by each manufacturer to guarantee a perfect install every time.


T.W. Hicks recently completed a project at Lone Star Milk Producers in Canyon, Texas using a combination of Sika flooring options throughout the facility. Lone Star is a farmer-owned dairy cooperative, processing cream, condensed milk, butter, powdered milk, and other dairy products from all around the state of Texas. This $80 million project will be state-of-the-art in every way, and T.W. Hicks knew that only the highest quality industrial floors would do for such a high-traffic facility.


The Solution - Sika Flooring

When evaluating the project, our team settled on high quality, long lasting Sika Flooring. We knew this project called for a specialty solution, so we combined products for the perfect flooring for each part of the facility:

·      Receiving Area: As this area will receive high stress daily, Sikafloor-19NA Purcem was used due to its plastic properties. This allows the flooring to “give” without cracking.

·      Process & Ancillary Rooms: Two different types of flooring were used throughout this area, each created with a custom blend of Sika Flooring products. When the floor needed high resistance to chemicals and abrasion, T.W. Hicks used a combination of Sikafloor-22nA Purcem, Sikafloor 510, and Sikadur 508. In areas where moisture was a concern, Sikafloor 264, Sikafloor 315, and Sikafloor 1610 were combined for the perfect blend.

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Installing commercial flooring from Sika. Photo courtesy  PSS Magazine .

Installing commercial flooring from Sika. Photo courtesy PSS Magazine.


T.W. Hicks is honored to be a part of this amazing project that will benefit the entire state of Texas! If you are in need of the best industrial flooring in Texas, give T.W. Hicks a call today for a consultation.