T.W. Hicks - Experts in Specialty Solutions

At T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas, Texas we offer our clients an array of specialty services for their industrial floors.   Whether you are needing to replace your flooring in a matter of hours, have too much moisture seeping into your floors, or just need a little added reinforcement to your walls and floors, our expert flooring professionals are here to get the job done. Fast Flooring Solutions

If you are in need of fast flooring solutions, T.W. Hicks is here to help.  With our one hour cure time, minimum down time, and a dynamic range of colors and textures to choose from, our fast flooring solution is ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, stadium, restaurant and supermarket flooring.   We promise to deliver exceptional results in a timely and accurate manner. images (3)

Moisture Control Solutions

Our moisture control flooring solutions provide a logical answer to floors with moisture related issues.  We produce a moisture mitigation solution that is cost-effective, ecologically sound and proven to work.  Moisture can cause numerous problems including mold and mildew growth, wet insulation, rusting of metal and bacteria growth.   Facilities without a vapor barrier present are ideal candidates, as this system provides a long-lasting moisture resistant floor.  Let us help rid you of your moisture problems so your floors and your business don’t suffer.

Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Solutions

Fiberglass reinforcement is seamless and provides superior chemical and impact resistance, making it ideal for pharmaceutical or food and beverage facilities.  Fiberglass panels are highly durable, easy to clean, are scratch resistant, and help with maximum sanitation protection.   We offer a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from and our expert installers are among the best in the industry.

Call T.W. Hicks today to find out more about our specialty services, and in the meantime feel free to visit us online to learn more about our business as well as all of our flooring solutions.