Commercial Kitchen Flooring: Slip and Fall Issues

Do you own or operate a commercial kitchen?  If you do, you know how detrimental a slip and fall can be to your business.  Are you keeping your employees and customers safe with the proper food-grade commercial kitchen flooring?  You may not have had a slip and fall issue in the past, but any owner who has knows the importance of an industrial floor system that can handle the abuse of a commercial kitchen while keeping employees and customers safe. commercial kitchen flooringWhen you combine water, grease, oil and dirt with foot traffic, cramped spaces, and hungry customers, it becomes “when”…not “if” you are going to have a slip and fall issue.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute, the average cost from slip and falls is approximately $22,800.00 per accident, and the average workers compensation claim is approximately $19,000.00.  What is it worth to you to protect yourself from this type of liability?

T.W. Hicks, Inc. specializes in industrial kitchen flooring and has access to top flooring manufacturers like Tennant (, Tnemec (, Flowcrete ( and Sika (  All of these industrial floor system manufacturers have excellent food-grade floor systems that are specifically designed to minimize slip and fall issues in the workplace.

T.W. Hicks, Inc. has been installing food-grade commercial kitchen floor systems for more than 13 years throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.  We have seen it all when it comes to industrial kitchen flooring.  Please visit our web site at to set up an appointment for us to come out and evaluate your commercial kitchen floor at no cost.  We can help you make your commercial kitchen a safer place to work for you and your employees.