The Pros and Cons of MMA Fast Floor Systems

When your warehouse, airplane hangar, manufacturing facility, or other industrial space needs new flooring, it can be hard to decide what type of industrial flooring is right for you.


T.W. Hicks Inc. – located in Lake Dallas and San Antonio, Texas – specializes in all types of industrial flooring solutions, including the ever-popular MMA Fast Floor Systems. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of MMA Fast Floor Systems in Texas to help you decide if it would be the right fit for your business:


Pros of MMA Fast Floor Systems in Texas


·      Chemically Resistant: MMA Floor Systems can resist acids, solvents, and other alkaline chemicals, making them well suited for many different types of industrial areas.

·      Scratch Resistant: Going to have a facility that is going to get a lot of traffic? MMA Floor Systems resist scratching, leaving you with a long-lasting, durable floor.

·      Fast Cure Time: Need your floor done quickly? MMA Floor Systems cure very quickly so there is less time waiting to use them.

·      High Temperature Resistance: There are many facilities where operation at a higher temperature is necessary. MMA Floor Systems can withstand temps up to 140 degrees.

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Cons of MMA Fast Floor Systems in Texas


·      MMA Floor Systems Cure Fast – Sometimes Too Fast: While a fast cure time is normally touted as a positive, sometimes applying the entire floor is difficult to do before it begins to cure. Seasoned, professional floor installers are key with MMA Floor Systems!


·      Can Be Prone to Peeling: In order to avoid any issues with the substrate not adhering to the surface, it is imperative that you use a professional Dallas flooring installer! Quartz is a key ingredient in MMA Fast Floor Systems, and if the wrong balance of product is used in the resin – or no resin is used at all! – the flooring will age and peel up long before its expiration date.


Considering MMA Fast Floor Systems for your next project? Give T.W. Hicks in Lake Dallas and San Antonio, Texas a call today!