The First Timers Guide to Using an Industrial Floor Buffer - T.W. Hicks Inc.

When you invest in high quality, industrial flooring solutions, you want to make sure your investment is well cared for. A key part of caring for your flooring is to clean it using a commercial grade cleaner, such as an industrial floor buffer.


Industrial floor buffers are very popular for cleaning commercial flooring because they are relatively easy to use, low cost, and can restore the original beauty of your flooring in no time! However, if you’ve never used one before, you might be apprehensive about operating the buffer – or worse – damaging the floor in the process. Here are 4 tips from T.W. Hicks Inc. to make the process easier:


1.   Use the Right Attachment

An industrial floor buffer can be used with a scrub pad for removing grime and buildup from the floors or a polishing pad to shine and restore clean flooring. Make sure you select the right attachment for the job you are doing!


2.   Replace Worn Down Pads

Before starting to use the buffer with the scrub pad or polishing pad, be sure that the attachment is still in good condition and that it is not worn down. Old, worn down pads and brushes can damage or scratch your epoxy flooring – created more harm than good.

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3.   Work Inward

When deciding where to start buffering, choose a corner of the room and then work inward. This prevents you from trampling over your recently buffed floor and from getting stuck in a corner by accident. Not to mention, walking on recently buffered floor can damage it and leave dents or scuffs.


4.   Overlap your Work Area

As you buffer, work in straight lines as much as possible, overlapping lines as you go along. This prevents you from missing a spot.


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