3 Steps for Preparing your Surface for New Industrial Floor Coating

When your industrial flooring needs to be restored, it’s not as simple as just throwing another coat of epoxy on top. Careful attention must be paid to the surface preparation BEFORE any new coatings are applied. If this step is skipped or not done to the professional standards required, then expect costly repairs down the road.


T.W. Hicks Inc. in Lake Dallas, Texas has 3 crucial steps for preparing your surface for new industrial floor coating:


Step 1: Grind and Shot Blast the Floor

Since most base industrial floors are concrete, it’s important to get that underlying concerete in tip-top shape before applying any new coatings; this is where grinding and shot blasting come into play.


Industrial flooring professionals must use shot blasting and grinding techniques to remove any existing paint, buildup, or loose concrete from the surface. A stripper may also be necessary to remove excessive, pre-existing sealer.


Step 2: Inspect for Signs of Vapor Transmission

All concrete – whether new or existing – needs to be thoroughly inspected for vapor transmission before applying any epoxy flooring system. If the concrete is new, use green concrete primer or allow the floor to cure for approx. a month.


Step 3: De-grease the Industrial Flooring

All concrete can benefit from a heavy de-greaser to steam clean and remove all grease, oil, and residue. This, along with sandblasting, grinding, and mechanical abrasion, provides the perfect base for applying a new epoxy flooring system in Texas.


If you are in need of new epoxy flooring in Texas, it’s important to have an expert flooring installer do the job. Rely on the experts to do the job professionally, on time, and up to all industry standards.


T.W. Hicks strives to exceed your expectations when providing industrial flooring solutions to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and beyond. Give us a call today to discuss your new flooring project!