SSI Corporate Hangar at Denton Regional Airport

T.W. Hicks is proud to share yet another great project we recently completed. T.W. Hicks was hired by Denton Regional Airport to install new flooring in the SSI Corporate Hangar. The product manufacturers chosen for this project were Aquafin and Westcoat. The area completed was a 10,000 square foot hangar with 1,176 linear feet of ¼” wide x 1.5" deep control joints

The systems used on this project were the Aquafin Vaportight Coat-SG3 moisture mitigation system and the Westcoat Hangar Floor System. The Aquafin Vaportight Coat-SG3 moisture mitigation system is a unique 2-component, moisture tolerant, low viscosity, solvent free, chemically enhanced epoxy based product which reduces the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on or below grade, thus eliminating delamination of adhesives, floor coverings and coatings.

SG3 reduces water vapor transmission levels of up to 25 lbs/24 hrs * 1000 ft² to 3 lbs or less for the installation of most floor covering systems including VCT, sheet vinyl, carpets, wood, laminates, epoxy, terrazzo & synthetic.

The Westcoat Hangar Floor System is an epoxy coat system that is ultra-tough, protective, water-based and 100% solids epoxies. Westcoat epoxies are specially formulated for seamless and high build applications to deliver strong, long-lasting protection and easy to clean epoxy surfaces.

Floor Preparation

Before the installation of the Aquafin Vaportight Coat-SG3 began, our team shot blast the existing concrete substrate to achieve a CSP-5 profile for adhesion. We then did a diamond-grind of all perimeters, keyed in all doorways and around any drains. Next our team routed out all control joints, applied backer rod, and filled with Sika joint filler and shaved it smooth. We then cleaned and filled any divots or cracks with epoxy filler and sanded the floor smooth. Lastly, our team used a Tennant scrubber to scrub and clean the floor to remove all dust and debris prior to installation.

Floor Installation

For the installation, we first applied Aquafin Vaportight Coat-SG3 at 100 square feet per gallon. After this initial stage, we moved on to the Westcoat application. To start, we applied Westcoat EC-34 epoxy build coat at 80 square feet per gallon. Next, we applied Westcoat EC-95 topcoat at 375 square feet per gallon. To finish off, we applied Westcoat EC-95 finish coat at 375 square feet per gallon. The color chosen for this project was white and it really shines.

The finished product turned out great and we enjoyed working with the team at SSI. We love working on open spaces like airport hangars because you really get a great view of the flooring from all angles. Watch this awesome time lapse video to see our team in action:

We look forward to working with SSI and creating more amazing floors in the future!

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