Project Spotlight: Sikafloor® ComfortFloor® at the San Antonio Security Service Federal Credit Union

The latest project from our T.W. Hicks South Texas office in San Antonio, Texas is the installation of an innovative new flooring system - ComfortFloor® which is manufactured by Sika USA. We installed this ergonomic, sound dampening, low emission floor in the elevator lobbies and stairwells of the San Antonio branch of the Security Service Federal Credit Union.  

ComfortFloor® is UV stable and easy to maintain while contributing to LEED certification. This new flooring system is aesthetically pleasing, offering building owners and occupants an almost unlimited selection of colors and flake designs. Not only is ComfortFloor® visually appealing, it also helps to reduce footfall sounds and the transmission of horizontal noise while providing comfort for personnel in areas in which walking, standing, or working for long periods of time is frequent. Moreover, ComfortFloor® is durable and tough, standing up to ultra-high levels of pedestrian traffic, chair castors, and wheeled loads.

Floor Preparation

General contractor Jordan Foster Construction lead our team in creating a gorgeous new floor for the 1,842 square feet space. Before the installation of the new ComfortFloor® could begin, we had to shot blast the existing concrete floor with electric shot blast equipment. Once the shot blasting was complete, we patched up any cracks and holes in the existing floor.


Applying ComfortFloor®

In addition to the durable aesthetics and low maintenance required of the building owners moving forward, we chose ComfortFloor® because of the ease of installation. ComfortFloor® is a seamless, fluid applied urethane floor system comprised of 100% solids epoxy primer, pigmented self-leveling urethane wear course and a wear resistant, pigmented self-leveling urethane top coat. For this project, the Primer used was Sikafloor® 161 measuring 8 mils, the Body Coat was Sikafloor® 300 Pigmented measuring 80 mils, and the Standard Top Coat was Sikafloor® 304W measuring 5 mils. The color for this project was a custom color, just one of the many reasons we love ComfortFloor® and its versatility.


The finished product looks amazing and T.W. Hicks enjoyed working with this new flooring system.


We look forward to using ComfortFloor® at more locations and with more great companies like the San Antonio Security Service Federal Credit Union.