Make Your Commerical Epoxy Floors Last Longer with these 5 Tips from T.W. Hicks!



You’ve installed a beautiful new commercial epoxy floor. Not only is it gorgeous, but you also increased your property value, made it safer, and made it easier to clean. Now you just need to maintain it!


In order to protect your investment and keep your durable epoxy flooring looking great for years to come, here are 5 tips from T.W. Hicks Inc. in Denton, Texas:


1.   Daily Sweeping is a Must

Make it a daily habit to go over the floor with a soft bristle broom or mechanical sweeper. This prevents dust accumulation on the floors, which will make it slippery and dull.


2.   Clean Spills Immediately

If grease, oil, or other spills occur, clean them up immediately. While most epoxy floors are extremely durable and resistant to permeation, over time, these spills and stains can erode the flooring – not to mention – many are hazardous to the health and safety your employees.


3.   Maintain Equipment

Any large equipment or tools that are used should be maintained to prevent any sharp edges that can cut into and damage the floor. The installation of new commercial epoxy flooring is a great time to evaluate safety standards and equipment guidelines.


4.   Schedule Weekly Auto Scrubbing

An auto scrubber will do wonders to remove any dirt, stains, or other debris that is left on your floor after the work week is done. A once over, once per week, will keep your epoxy floor looking good as new!


5.   Keep the Room Moisture-Free

Over time, humidity and moisture will breakdown even the best epoxy flooring system in Texas. It’s important to regulate the temperature in your facility, keeping humidity levels low, and to always clean up water spills immediately.  


Want to learn more about maintaining your epoxy flooring system? Call T.W. Hicks today! We are the experts in commercial epoxy flooring in Texas, proudly serving Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and beyond. 

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