Mid-Summer Checklist from T.W. Hicks, Inc. for Warehouse Organization

As your company reaches the mid-summer mark on the calendar, follow these helpful tips from T.W. Hicks, Inc. in Denton and San Antonio for Efficient Warehouse Organization!

It's hard to believe it's already the second week of July and half the summer is behind us. As we reach the mid-summer mark, our team at T.W. Hicks, Inc. in Denton and San Antonio, Texas provide these helpful tips for efficient warehouse organization. Inevitably, when a team or organization gets into a routine of operation, things can start to become disorganized and miss their place. Following these helpful warehouse organization tips from your industrial flooring professionals at T.W. Hicks, Inc. will go a long way in helping your team stay focused through the rest of the summer.

Follow These Helpful Warehouse Organization Tips from T.W. Hicks, Inc. in Denton and San Antonio, Texas!

Follow These Helpful Warehouse Organization Tips from T.W. Hicks, Inc. in Denton and San Antonio, Texas!

The first step to a more efficient warehouse organization is to profile your orders and set-up your warehouse to handle the varying order needs. Depending on the season, certain products will sell better than others. To be more efficient, organize your warehouse in a manner that makes those products most available and reduces your teams travel time for such products. Moreover, make it a point to analyze your current picking methodology within your warehouse and organization. With several picking methods from single order to multi-order, batch picking or zone picking, determining the right picking method is crucial to your companies continued efficiency and growth. Use the mid-summer mark as an opportunity to evaluate your current warehouse setup

Just as many household managers and warehouse managers alike implement spring cleaning to get items in order for a busy summer, use the mid-summer mark to remove clutter from your warehouse aisle and re-organize your warehouse shelves. This will go a long way in finishing a productive summer operation and keeping your warehouse employees safe. Another simple idea for warehouse organization, is to update and place a digital image on the outside of your storage compartments to eliminate the amount of time employees need to look into boxes and containers to retrieve the item at hand. This, of course, makes for a more orderly warehouse space.

Follow these tips from T.W. Hicks, Inc. for efficient warehouse organization to finish off a productive summer season and contact our team with any questions you might have!