Boiler Room for Packaging Corporation of America

T.W. Hicks is thrilled to share our latest project with you which we thoroughly enjoyed. T.W. Hicks installed new flooring for a boiler room for Packing Corporation of America in Waco, Texas. The product manufacturer chosen for this project was Tennant Coatings Company. The boiler rooms are the heartbeat of any manufacturing plant, but they are also the most overlooked part of the plant because they are hot, humid, loud and dirty.  PCA realized the importance and wanted to address theirs and actually show it off to their many visitors to the plant. The flooring was completed with Tennant Coatings Company’s Eco-ShopFloor™ system and it turned out great!

 The Tennant Coatings Company we product used was the Eco-ShopFloor™ system. This four-coat, nomial 1/16” system, helps to withstand the high demands of a hard working facility, with a silica sand broadcast for added texture and durability, topcoated with Eco-HTS™ 100 for chemical resistance and its aliphatic properties. 

Floor Preparation

Our stellar TW Hicks team mechanically removed an existing failed coating and profiled the concrete substrate per Tennant Coatings Company’s product data.  We also keyed in at all termination points to make sure we had a smooth transition from our new floor to the existing floors around us.  Hand held diamond grinders attached to dust collection units were used to do all the perimeter prep at walls and other vertical protrusions.     

unnamed (1).jpg

Floor Installation

After the floor was fully prepared to receive the new Eco-ShopFloor™ system, our team scrubbed and vacuumed the floor with our Tennant scrubber to remove all dust and debris.  Our crew applied Tennant Eco-Crete TC as a primer to seal off the existing concrete substrate.  Once the primer cured our crew applied a second coat of Eco-Crete TC as a receiver coat and immediately broadcasted colored quartz to rejection.  Once the receiver coat was cured our crew came in and swept all the residual quartz from the floor, vacuumed and detailed the floor as needed.   The final coat was Tennant’s Eco-TCP clear-thick coat polyaspartic in a beautiful Grey colored quartz with a clear finish coat.  This Tennant floor system will provide great light reflection, slip resistance, UV stability and wear ability for many years to come.  It also makes the boiler room look like a show room! 


As you can see, the project turned out awesome! We are excited to add another amazing floor to our project gallery and we look forward to the next project with Packaging Corporation of America!