5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Dallas Epoxy Flooring Company

Finding the industrial flooring company that is right for your warehouse, airplane hangar, or manufacturing facility can be no simple task.


A quick Google search for “epoxy flooring company in Dallas” or “epoxy flooring company near me” will yield 100s of results. How do you know if the company is reputable? How do you know if they’ll do a good job?


Here are 5 things to look for when selecting a Dallas epoxy flooring company:


Do Your Research

Start by talking with others you trust and narrowing your selection down to your top 3 contractors. Who in your industry has put in new industrial flooring recently and might have advice on the subject? Consult them. Of course, you can also turn to the Internet for plenty of customer reviews on sites like Angie’s List or Google.


Have a Face-to-Face Meeting

Call your top 3 Dallas epoxy flooring companies and request an in-person consultation. Reading about someone is one thing, but there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting for you to easily gauge whether or not they will be the right fit for the job.


Ask Detailed Questions

What brand of epoxy flooring does your company use?

What brands or methods do you recommend for my project?

How long have you been in business?


These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask your epoxy flooring contractor before hiring them for the job. Be sure they are using quality products – guaranteeing longevity – and verify that they have a history in the industry that they can stand behind in the future.


Do a Cost Comparison

As a rule of thumb, get 2 or 3 quotes for your project, helping you gauge whether or not the prices you have been quoted for your commercial flooring are fair and realistic. Remember to be wary of a contractor who comes in significantly lower than the others. As the old adage goes, you frequently “get what you pay for” in terms of quality.


Get Everything in Writing

Once you have selected your Dallas epoxy flooring company, make sure that a signed contract is in place, listing out the work that will be done, specifications on products to be used, and any warranties that are guaranteed at the time of service.


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