When Durability Matters: Sika Flooring by T.W. Hicks

For anyone who is familiar with industrial flooring, Sika has become synonymous with quality and durability. Which is why, when NN, Inc. approached us for an installation at their facility in Lubbock, Texas, we instantly knew Sikafloor would get the job done!


NN, Inc. is responsible for manufacturing plastics for a plethora of industries, including the automotive, aviation, and medical industries. The precision and expertise that goes into making these plastics and molds is paramount, given the industries they serve. And as you can imagine, producing these highly specialized plastics uses some pretty hefty tools. Overtime, these tools and day-to-day operations had caused damage to the concrete floors in NN, Inc.’s 50,000 square foot facilities. It was time for new commercial flooring.



NN, Inc. had several priorities for the type of industrial flooring selected:

1.     Durable: It needed to be able to stand up to heavy equipment without causing indentions or damage to the floors.

2.     Color Options: It needed to be light in color, preferably white. White was chosen because it would emphasize a clean working environment, allowing workers to clearly see when dust or debris had begun to accumulate on the floor.

3.     Repairable: The floors needed to use a material that was easy to patch, without requiring a full reinstallation.

4.     Clean Installation: NN, Inc. needed to continue operations in the facility during implementation, so a clean, quiet install was key.


Sikaflooring Epo-Rock Trowel Mortal System

Given the client’s priorities for their industrial flooring in Texas, T.W. Hicks selected Sikaflooring Epo-Rock Trowel Mortar System. It met all of the specifications and is proven as a beautiful, highly durable flooring option. In fact, the Epo-Rock system has a greater compressive strength that concrete! NN, Inc. can rest assured that any damage to their floors will be attributed to the underlying concrete, and not its flooring.


Phase I of the install is complete, and T.W. Hicks is proud to report that the client is pleased with the results!

Beautiful new industrial floors in Texas by T.W. Hicks and Sika flooring!

Beautiful new industrial floors in Texas by T.W. Hicks and Sika flooring!


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