What Goes Into Preparing Floors for Epoxy Flooring Systems?

Many people think that if you are going to install an industrial flooring system in Dallas it’s as simple as just laying down a coat of epoxy, letting it dry, and you’re good to go!


Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Preparing the subfloor before epoxy coating can be applied is critical to the durability of the epoxy flooring system. We cannot stress enough that the work done before laying the epoxy is just as important as the work done to install the epoxy coat. So what goes into preparing the existing floor for epoxy coating? It all depends on the type of existing subfloor, but here are a few steps T.W. Hicks goes through to prepare floors before ever applying an epoxy flooring system:


Allow New Slabs to Cure

If the epoxy flooring system is going to go on top of a brand new slab of concrete, we allow 30-60 days for that concrete to fully cure before applying the coating.


Look for a Sealant, Coatings, or Paint

Does the existing slab have a sealant layer on it? You can tell by using the water test. Pour a little water on the surface, and if it beads up, then you know it has a sealant. This barrier level must be removed with shot blasting prior to installing an epoxy floor, otherwise, adhesion will be compromised. Same goes for any other coatings or paint on the floor.


Check for Cracks

Our team always carefully examines the sub floor for cracks, and if we find any, they must be filled and stabilized before the applying epoxy.

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Evaluate Moisture Levels

In some areas of extremely high humidity, moisture from the ground will come up through the concrete, making it unsuitable for epoxy flooring. Before a coating can be applied, the concrete must be checked for moisture levels and a proper flooring solution can be determined based on the results.


Remove Stains and Degrease

Again, we take every step necessary to ensure a strong subfloor, which is why we take careful measures to remove oil and stains, degrease the floors, and then vacuum and sweep between each layer of epoxy that is applied.


If you are interested in industrial flooring solutions in Dallas, Texas, call the experts at T.W. Hicks Inc.! Our team has over 30 years of experience, providing you with top-notch results each and every time. Call us today to set up a consultation.