Looking Back and Looking Ahead with T.W. Hicks, Inc.

Looking back at a great year of commercial flooring projects and designs as well as looking forward at what could be with T.W. Hicks, Inc. in Denton and San Antonio, Texas!

From our family at T.W. Hicks, Inc. to you and yours, we wish you a Happy New Year and hope it’s the best yet! With the fresh start of a New Year, it’s important to look back on all that’s been done and to also look ahead to what could be in 2015. T.W. Hicks, Inc. is fortunate to serve with amazing industry partners, alongside dependable and incredibly trained professionals, and with great companies to provide commercial flooring needs throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We’ve been able to accomplish so much in 2014 and look forward to what the next year holds!


T.W. Hicks, Inc. is honored to serve as your industrial flooring provider in industries we love and respect. Throughout 2014, we were able to come alongside industry leaders in aviation hangars, food and beverage and more! To expand, the aviation hangar industry was a huge win for us in 2014. We finished this year providing 226,017 square feet of resinous aviation hangar flooring installed in all types of aviation hangars throughout the State of Texas, from Dallas to Houston, San Antonio and cities in between. As we look ahead, we already have 345,285 square feet of aviation hangars proposed for 2015. We look forward to another great year, providing commercial hangar flooring for the aviation industry.

The food and beverage industry has historically been a great market for T.W. Hicks, Inc. and 2014 did not disappoint! Throughout this last year, we had the opportunity to install approximately 117,000 square feet of food grade flooring. It was an exciting year as our average project size was smaller, yet locations were more spread throughout Texas and Oklahoma. The other industries we worked in this past year, and look forward expanding in next year, include automotive, healthcare and military flooring needs.

Lastly, our team at T.W. Hicks, Inc. would like to thank Tennant, Tnemec, Flowcrete and Sika for being incredible partners, providing incredible service and support during our preparation and installation process. We look forward to another great year and would love to provide for your commercial flooring needs!

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