Epoxy Flooring: The Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choice

There are so many factors to consider when installing new industrial flooring to your warehouse, airplane hangar, or manufacturing facility.


Will it be durable? Will it be cost effective? Will it withstand wear and tear?


But have you considered whether or not your flooring choices are environmentally friendly? T.W Hicks – a leader in industrial flooring solutions in Texas – can attest to the benefits of epoxy flooring when it comes to green building:


1.   LEED Certified Products: T.W. Hicks is continually on the lookout for products that not only meet LEED standards, but products that exceed those standards. We currently supply several great epoxy flooring solutions that exceed the LEED low emissions standards.

2.   Low Waste: While many industrial flooring options can lead to waste from over ordering or excessive cutting which leads to scraps, epoxy flooring doesn’t require any cutting so scraps are a not issue. Less waste and less cleanup = green flooring solutions.

3.   Long Lasting: Epoxy flooring is known for its ability to withstand chemical spills, abrasions, high foot traffic, and more. With easy maintenance, epoxy flooring can easily last 3 times longer than other commercial flooring options! Longer lasting floors allow you to spend less money, and create less waste, by having to redo the floors more often.

4.   Lower Energy Bills: Here’s one you probably hadn’t thought of. Epoxy flooring is highly reflective, and those reflective qualities can add light – minimizing the need for electrical lights that burn energy and create extra costs.


Interested in green building solutions and green flooring in Texas? Call T.W. Hicks today for a consultation and let us walk you through which epoxy flooring solution is right for your commercial building, warehouse, school locker room, and more. T.W. Hicks – with locations in Lake Dallas and San Antonio, Texas – proudly serves the entire state of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and beyond.