Dos and Don'ts of Food Grade Flooring Solutions

The food service industry has unique needs when it comes to food grade flooring solutions. Unlike a traditional warehouse installation, food service facilities must past additional regulations and criteria. When looking to install food grade flooring solutions in Texas, consider the following pro tips:


#1: Do Choose an USDA, NSF, and EPA Approved Flooring Solution.


When it comes to food grade flooring, the approval of certain regulatory bodies is a must! Choose a flooring solution that is USDA approved, meaning that the chemicals used to produce the floor are free of harmful resins and additives that could be harmful for consumption. The NSF and EPA also have their own sets of rules and regulations for the food industry, and it’s important to align your flooring solutions with the approved options.


#2: Don’t Overlook the Floor’s Texture.


Skid resistance is of utmost concern in any industrial facility, and especially true in the food industry. Often food industry flooring can get wet from spills or grease, and this can make it even more prone to skidding. Be sure to choose a floor that is at least a medium-to-high grade texture, as it will reduce the instances of skidding.


#3: Do Consider Odor.


One commonly overlooked flooring concern is odor. Some floors can give off a scent that can be absorbed by food, particularly right after they are first installed. When dealing with the food industry, a floor that emits odors is unacceptable. Choose a water-based flooring solution, as they are much less likely to cause odor issues.


#4: Don’t Skimp on Durability.


If there is any industrial floor that is cleaned often, it’s a floor in the food industry. In order to meet government standards, floors are typically cleaned multiple times of day, and without a strong enough floor, excessive cleaning can cause wear and tear to your food grade flooring solution.


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