5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Warehouse - T.W. Hicks Inc.

It may still be February, but temperatures are heating up, and before we know it, spring will be here. Getting a jump start on spring cleaning your warehouse puts more money in YOUR pocket. Why? Because an organized and efficient warehouse is a more profitable warehouse. Follow these tips from T.W. Hicks for spring cleaning your warehouse today:


1.   Have a Simple Organization Plan: The key to any organizational project is having a simple, easy-to-maintain system that allows for better workflow. Group all like items together.  Use technology to manage SKUs. Make sure all employees are aware of your plan so that they can keep everything organized as they work.

2.   Keep Popular Inventory Handy: Use the 80/20 rule: keep the 20% of inventory that is ordered 80% of the time in an easily accessible zone of the warehouse. Use your sales data to determine which items need prime warehouse positioning and which items can be stored out-of-sight.

3.   Stack Vertically: Take your inventory stacking upward, not horizontal. Vertical stacking is great for warehouse organization because it creates more space, utilizes all parts of the warehouse, and altogether looks more orderly.

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4.   Create a Roomy Shipping/Receiving Area: Mistakes happen when you are working in a cramped space. Give your employees ample room to maneuver at the loading area, allowing them to verify shipments, manage inventory, and unload efficiently.

5.   Evaluate the Plan on a Routine Basis: No organizational plan should be set in stone! Changes in business, inventory, etc. will mean changes to your warehouse organization. Plan to evaluate your system every year, preferably every 6 months and adjust as necessary.


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