4 Tips for Getting your Warehouse Winter Ready

Thanksgiving is officially over, and it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season - and with the hustle and the bustle of the season comes cooler temperatures.


T.W. Hicks in Denton, Texas understands the issues associated with cooler temperatures and warehouses. Warehouses are not built to withstand changes in temperature; when the temps drop outside – working inside gets a lot colder as well.


As the winter months approach, follow these 4 tips to get your warehouse winter ready:


1.    Check the Doors


The biggest loss of heat for a warehouse comes from the warehouse docking area. Try to open and close the docking area doors as little as possible. Also, check the areas around the doors for cracks in the caulking, air leaks, etc. If you can see light when the door is closed, then seal those cracks thoroughly before the weather changes.


2.   Inspect the Roof


Before the winter months arrive, check your roof for any roof damage, leaks, etc. Pay particularly close attention to the areas where there might be gaps in flashing because even the smallest crack could allow moisture to seep in. If your warehouse has a flat roof, go out after a rainy day and check to see if there are any areas where water is pooling.


3.   Backup Everything


Since we live in a paperless society, the last thing you need is to lose important data if your system goes down in a winter storm. Make sure your entire computer system is well backed up and that everything is stored in servers offsite.


4.   Check your Airflow


Do you have heaters in your warehouse? Check the airflow coming from the heaters and make sure there are not any obstacles blocking the flow. Shelves installed in the summer may be blocking your heat vents, making parts of the warehouse colder than necessary.


Need more tips for keeping your warehouse organized and efficient? T.W. Hicks – a leader in warehouse flooring solutions – is always here to offer advice on all your warehouse needs.